Aurora Engine

  • Personal project 2017/Present

  • Cross-platform

  • OpenGL & DirectX 11

  • C++

Aurora engine is my personal project that I work on in my spare time. The engine is a cross-platform engine supporting both Windows and Linux. The project is setup with CMake and allows for easy switching between the 2 supported renderer's: OpenGL and DirectX 11. Windows supports both renderer's, but Linux only support OpenGL. Next to the engine, I am creating an editor to support level-building. This editor is build on top of the engine.

Features that are currently present:

  • CMake project generation, including platform and editor abstraction

  • DirectX11 & OpenGL renderer

  • Math wrapper around GLM & DirectXMath

  • In-engine logging and console

  • Dear-ImGui for debug rendering

  • Resource loading system

  • ECS (Entity Component System)

Features I'm working on right now:

  • Editor to support level building and property editing

  • Proper asset saving/loading system

Features that are planned for the future:

  • PBR & IBL (Physically Based Rendering and Image Based Lighting)

  • Physics

  • Lua scripting

  • Multiplayer support

  • A bunch of rendering features (shadows, post-processing, optimizations, etc.)

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