Boom Boom Mushroom

  • Global Game Jam 2017

  • Local multiplayer game

  • C# / Unity3D

Boom Boom Mushroom is a game made in 48 hours when participating the Global Game Jam 2017 at the NHTV in Breda. This year the theme was: Waves. The official game page can be found here. We managed to get placed 4th at our jam site.

The game is a local multiplayer party game where you knock each other off the platform by creating shockwaves. The waves you create deal damage to the platforms, so be careful where you jump! The mushrooms that you walk on or damage with your shockwave, turn into your color. The more shrooms in your color, the bigger your shockwave is.

Our team consist out of 2 programmers, 4 artists, 1 audio and 2 designers. My role was programming the hex grid, making sure the waves were possible and I was the technical helpdesk for our team.


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