Deep Danger

  • Internship project 2014

  • Released on Android

  • C# / Unity3D

Deep Danger is a game created during my internship in 2014. Together with 2 others we created this mobile game that was meant to be released by the company we had our internship at. When we finished the game, the company didn't want to release it anymore and we got full ownership of the game, we then released in ourselves for Android. The game can be found on Google Play.

The game is fully programmed by me in Unity, and I did the technical implementation of all the assets including the creation of a few animations. The other 2 guys took care of the art and audio.

The goal of the game is dive as deep as possible with your submarine. Dodge obstacles that block your path, pick up air bottles to stay alive and go for a new highscore! In the ingame shop, upgrades can be bought for your submarine, such as a chainsaw to cut through fishing nets or sharks, or a flashlight to still have vision while being deep down underwater.

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