Line of Fire

  • Online project 2013

  • Multiplayer FPS

  • C# / Unity3D

Line of Fire is an online project I worked on in my spare time, it was a project that was managed online with team members around the globe. The project is basically a battlefield like shooter with only a multiplayer feature. The games Facebook page can be found here.

I joined the project while it was going for a good 2 years. At the time there was 1 programmer working on it, he made all the base structure and my job was to implement gameplay objects like: exploding barrels, ladders or a working forklift. All of this had to work over the network.

I worked on this project for like a half year, then I decided to quit because it was taking up a lot of time and I felt like it would take at least 5 years before we would even be close to be finished. Shortly after I left, the project got canceled.

Update video

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