Olympic Space Swim Team

  • Global Game Jam 2018

  • Local multiplayer game

  • C# / Unity3D

Olympic Space Swim Team is a game made in 48 hours while participating the Global Game Jam 2018 at the NHTV in Breda. This year's theme was: Transmission. The official game page can be found here. We managed to get placed 2nd at our jam site.

The game is a local multiplayer game where you swim through your crashed spacehip, trying to get to the satellite and send an distress signal to earth. You want to be the first astronout to send the signal. Therefore you will have to race the other astronauts. But be aware for the floating objects, air vents or projectiles from your opponents. Each astronaut represents a country that was on the spaceship. Each country has their own voicelines, victory music and projectile skin. There are some pickups to help you through your way. The fire extinguisher serves as a boost, and the teleporter switches you with a random player.

This year our team consisted our of 2 programmers, 4 artists, 1 audio/level designer and 1 general designer. My role was programming the general system, player movement, main menu, victory screen and general bugfixing, as well as being the technical helpdesk for our team.


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