Sulphur Engine

  • School project 2017/2018

  • Cross-platform

  • Networking backend

  • C++ / Lua

Sulphur Engine is an engine that is being developed by ~15 programmers. The plan is to work on this project for a full year. You can find more specific details about the project on On this site we release blog posts about status updates of the engine.

My contribution to this project is implementing a fully working networking solution. This means that I provide a high-level API that is implemented in our engine. And then the functionality in-engine is exposed to our scripting environment (Lua). Next to that I provide functionality for our external editor that communicates with the engine.

Inside of this high-level networking API, I use some middleware called Enet. On top of that I build this high-level networking API that handles things like: connecting/disconnecting, syncing values and calling RPC's (Remote Procedure Calls).

The logic for the editor is included in this high-level API, but it is separated from the gameplay logic. This is because it should never interfere with gameplay, and it can be compiled out of the engine when needed.

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