• 2 week school project 2017

  • Local multiplayer game

  • C# / Unity3D

Vi'king is a game we developed in 2 weeks during a school project. The game is a local multiplayer party game. The game has 2 levels that map each other, the bad guy can jump to the other dimension to kill one of the good guys. The good guys have to stay alive as long as possible and they can annoy each other by stunning them.

In addition we created to the default gamemode, we implemented 4 more to create more diversity between matches. Since we had only 2 weeks, we didn't manage to get all 5 gamemodes to work, so we had to drop 2 extra gamemodes.

The team consisted out of 2 programmers, 1 audio creator, 3 artists, 2 designers and 1 producer. My job was implementing the stun mechanic, implementing the flexible UI system for all the gamemodes, implementing all the menus with animations and implementing 2 of the additional game modes.

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